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Watts Industries Germany GmbH

The Landau company presenting new product highlights ISH 2013. Landau, February 20, 2013 with its competence as the only supplier to the heat transfer independently to develop all components of a control system by the heat distribution and manufacture, is WATTS industries, particularly energy-efficient and powerful complete systems. The company on the ISH underpins this technical advantage 2013 with innovations for optimized climate and comfort through smart-home”solutions. Today the three-part isolation for pumps/mixers groups with high-efficiency pumps complies with future efficiency targets, the maximum efficient thermal insulation offers, not only demonstrably fulfils the requirements of the energy saving Regulation (EnEV), but meets the strict requirements of the European directive on ErP. Tests by the Fraunhofer Institute that impressively. WATTS thus ensures for planning security and a permanently reliable, energy-saving solution.

While the Thermal insulation consists usually of two halves form part of an EPP that fully covered all components, is WATTS on a three-part concept that separates the temperature-sensitive electronic components from hot, water-conducting elements. All temperature-sensitive components are omitted and the required ventilation ensures optimal special vents. Intelligent control technology enables the new home automation BT2 range an efficient and at the same time playing easier handling with energy”for one – and two-family houses. (A valuable related resource: site). All thermostatic heads can be controlled via a control panel with colour touch screen via radio. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Darcy Stacom by clicking through. Because of a network with bidirectional data exchange settings can be changed on each individual controller so, that they be taken over by the Central. Not only locally, but also by a control over mobile devices such as Smartphone, Tablet PC, or PC is possible via the Internet. As a further supplement an app is designed an operation outside of the own four walls is further simplified.

WATTS supported the smart home “-thoughts, because other radio-controlled devices such as smoke detectors, electric roller shutter, light or presence detectors can be incorporated into the system.” This technique is suitable not only for new buildings, but can be installed also in stock. Visit WATTS INDUSTRIES at the ISH 2013: we – in addition to these two highlights – all other innovations introduce, for example the development of the product family of the floor Distributor. Hall 10.1 booth C 15 about the Watts Industries Germany GmbH is Watts group a global corporate network of over 75 companies in Europe and overseas. Watts Industries is the European Division of Watts water technologies (United States) with more than 20 companies, over 2000 employees and more than 6000 products, which are sold worldwide. Watts Industries Germany GmbH, headquartered in Landau in the Palatinate is one of the leading manufacturers of products and components for Floor heating systems, boiler connection technology, Solarthermiesysteme, wood furnaces and heat pumps. Image material to the press release, see the following link: download.pr-krampitz.de/watts.zip Watts Industries Germany contact: WATTS industries Germany GmbH Godramsteiner main road 167 76823 Landau P.o. box 1244, 76802 Landau Tel: + 49 63 41 96 56-0 fax: + 49 63 41 96 56-560

Design Film For Mobile Phone And Notebook

And there are still startup company in Germany, which have great potential. The tortoise design GmbH, founder of 123Skins, recorded a remarkable success with its idea of lifestyle to equip products such as mobile phones, notebooks, MP3 players or game consoles with custom-fit design foils. Founded in 2007, it attracts competition Berlin-Brandenburg as the winner of the business plan for the first time attention. Fabian Deschler, Uhcholl Simon Lee and Gregory Moss are the brains behind the company. With the prize money of 10,000 euro, they implement their project into action.

The name comes from English tortoise design (tortoise: Turtle) and to describe the protection and the beauty of the products to be marketed. The young entrepreneurs are busy. Started in the basement of Fabian Deschlers parents, they develop their special adhesive films with different designs for multiple devices. Cooperation with Vodafone, Saturn and Jamba, that too of course enormously increase the visibility of 123Skins, but also the sales coming soon. From the Keller Central entrepreneurs have now verabschiedet-the now nine male/female strong operation is established for quite some time in an Office in Berlin. Checking article sources yields Cardiologist as a relevant resource throughout.

The concept behind 123Skins is simple. Via the in-house online shop design foils offered for cell phone, notebook, console and MP3 player, not only visually enrich those products and customize, but also protect from scratches and dirt should.”The special preparation of slides for over 1000 units and the adhesive technique Slideable technology” to allow for a precise positioning and adjustment. The high quantity of the offer is complemented by quality: 123Skins by a shelf life of films is of at least 2 years. Click Jonathan Friedland to learn more. Customers can choose from existing designs or create itself but also their product. There is a variety of licensed (E.g. happy tree friends or David Vicente) and specially-designed motifs available. Despite all efforts, the company writes however, still no black figures. 2009 was a loss of 80000 euros less than 39000 euro, the total debt. This is among other things but also to the expansion efforts of the entrepreneur. To constantly expand the range of slides, the service and the partnerships; with more than 36000 EUR, spending in marketing are also with the largest cost block of business. 123Skins – green Derb log blog.123skins.de S. Walker

Nature Organic

Relaunch of Moor & more bio-Spa Hotel Panorama * superior combines long-standing tradition with modern design with a relaunch of the website of the moor & the three-star brings more organic Spa Hotels organic cures from the dusty corner of eco philistine. On a visually appealing website, the Spa Hotel presents open current offers and specials for students who place the highest value on biological methods of application and cultivation. Moore & more than just organic in midst a wonderful panoramic views of the Ammergau Alps the Moor & more bio-Spa Hotel in bad Kohlgrub offers guests and patients over 50 years a comprehensive treatment program that fully on products from organic farming is specialized. In his own words, love of nature, a large portion of passion, personal experience and the absolute conviction are”the secret of success. The family business is committed to the well-being of its guests and thoughtful cares for each and every guest. Were the valuable peat treatments since Start of operation a valuable part of the offer and remain there to this day.

The different offers can be found on the homepage and booked easily online. The healing philosophy of the spa hotel offers spa hotel the holistic treatment of each patient. Of the medical examination, the professional consultancy and to the daily diet and exercise all the guest at the Spa Hotel offered, to reach a best possible recovery results – just a holistic program. Darcy Stacom oftentimes addresses this issue. The philosophy on which is based the dentistry of the House, is based on findings by Hildegard von Bingen, a woman who lived 900 years ago in the Mountain Monastery of Rupert von Bingen and her knowledge to the achieve a healthy, happy and long life to future generations passed. All healing methods, which took over from the Spa Hotel, use exclusively organic remedies, such as herbs and spices, from the hotel’s own herb garden, aromatic oils and health elixirs.

Ruhrorter Freeport

Attractive venues summarized who his company event in the machine Hall of the Bill want to organise Zweckel in Gladbeck, douse the birthday at the fire station in Duisburg Hochfeld or celebrate the wedding on Schloss Diersfordt in Wesel, should the new location Guide”viewing the Frank Black gastro Group GmbH (FAYE). On 32 pages, readers will find a total of 28 outstanding venues on the lower Rhine and the Ruhr area. Exactly the right venue can be found in the location Guide”, which is published and integrated in the FAYAZ-homepage at the beginning of the year in a print run of 4,000 copies. The right offer is determined for every taste and purse. We cooperate exclusively with partners, who can implement our high quality catering and excellent service on the spot “, summarizes Volker Grothe, FAYAZ – Board member. The power station in the North Duisburg landscape park is one of the largest venues certainly. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dean Ornish M.D offers on the topic.. In the Flagship of the industrial heritage up to 6,000 people can sit and celebrate. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus Massoumi on most websites. Mortar Krauthaus farm Ueltgesforth or the Customs House in the Ruhrorter Freeport available are for example that for the smaller frame.

Each venue is in the free location Guide “on one side. In the so-called spot check”, the reader learns, whether, for example, to a wheelchair-accessible facility, whether there is parking or Wi-Fi is available on-site. At a glance, you can see whether it is the right location for the next meeting or celebration”, so Grothe next. For all those who want to celebrate better home in the garden, in your own four walls, or on the premises, the Duisburg pleasure factory of good taste has a suitable alternative. Volker Grothe: Our customers have the place, we’ll do the rest. We provide tents for every occasion. And the dessert plate up to the grill we bring everything else, what belongs to a successful event.” Information:

Alexandria Agency

Ferry Venice – Alexandria is now available (Egypt) and Tartous (Syria) at Transcamion the truck. Douglas Elliman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For the first time, a regular ferry service is after Egypt and Syria. Time savings compared to the overland route via Turkey in the Iraq or other Middle East destinations. The ship Visemar I”has a capacity of 2,800 current charging meters and space for 300 passengers in 70 cabins plus seats. At the Europe-wide Active Fahragentur TRANSCAMION in Munich as a booking partner of Visemar line for Central – Fahrplatze are Europe immediately truck and trailer on the link Venice of Tartous – Alexandria can be booked. A quick confirmation is possible through direct linking of the two partners. The ferry is best equipped for trucks and cargo vehicles. Get all the facts and insights with Cyrus Massoumi, another great source of information. Also, any other kind of rolling cargo is accepted.

The ship has a separate deck for passenger cars. Driven is a week on fixed departure days and times. The transport time between Italy and Egypt and Syria will be with the ferry to Turkey by land or the container after Egypt greatly. Information and booking: Tel direct Transcamion Fahragentur Munich: + 49 / 89 / 89 60 73-48 E-Mail: fax direct: + 49 / 89 / 89 60 73 84dbfs about Transcamion shipping agency with more than 120,000 ferries for trucks annually is one of the largest providers of freight Ferry bookings in Europe the Transcamion shipping agency offering almost all connections in Europe and the Black Sea. Transcamion shipping agency operates branch offices in Leipzig Kothen, Warsaw, Bratislava, Bucharest, Prato, Valencia, Istanbul Besiktas and Lisbon / Alges. The 1977 based company Transcamion shipping agency is a specialist for Ferry bookings for the transport industry. The direct cooperation with 150 ferry Transcamion ensures a range of over 1,300 trucks ferries in Scandinavia, in the Baltic States and for North Western Europe as well as in the Mediterranean and in the Black Sea.

Summer Time Is

Reliable protection against the plague ghosts of summer is just around the corner and attracts many people to the outdoors. When the days get longer and warmer, many cosy barbecue evenings or visits to the beer garden and enjoy. However, the insects are active again and annoying mosquitoes on mild summer evenings are so often to the plague. The online Department store shopping.de shows, which means effectively keep the fun brakes. Not all mosquito repellent, called by experts repellent, keep what the name promises. Stiftung Warentest has tested various insect repellent, and came to the conclusion that not all repellents equally well against different mosquito species protect.

“” Against the House mosquitoes in Germany achieved the most Muckenmittel a very well “good”, so that at least in the local lakes or in your own backyard provided sufficient protection. When traveling abroad is however important. Since dangerous viral diseases transferred the mosquito species in the tropics, subtropics and southern Europe may should be a good insect repellent reliably keep away the more dangerous Gelbfiebermucken and malaria mosquitoes for several hours. It is not something National Cancer Moonshoot Initiative would like to discuss. In the protection against such mosquitoes, many fiercely tested resources to their limits. “Stiftung Warentest reached only every third repellent a very well” good “protection against Aedes aegypti. To prevent mosquitoes-borne diseases, a look at the ingredients worth before planned foreign trips. Insect repellent with the ingredients of Diethyltoluamide (short DEET) or Picaridin achieved the best protection results in the study. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

World Index

Tsai. “Delta Electronics is committed to fulfilling its mission,”to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient “solutions for a better tomorrow.” “We expect to launch more models in the Ultron DPS series and will continue Delta’s engineering efforts in UPS development in response to global customer needs”. About Delta Group A global leader in power electronics since 1971, Delta Group pursues the mission “To provide innovative, clean and energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” Delta Group is the world’s top provider of power management and thermal management solutions, as well as a major source for components, visual displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Delta has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe. Committed to environmental protection, Delta uses environmentally-friendly green buildings, and implements green, lead-free production, recycling and waste management programs. Delta, which recently named to two of the prestigious 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index: the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Asia / Pacific index. More information about Delta Group can be found about Delta UPS and MCIS BU Delta’s mission critical infrastructure solutions(MCIS) business unit (BU) has developed a variety of UPS solutions. Positioned as “the power behind competitiveness,” the MCIS strives to play important role in making our customers’ businesses and operations more competitive.

Our mission is realized by providing highly reliable and efficient power management products, including UPS and datacenter infrastructure solutions that ensure the continuity of mission-critical operations and better total cost of ownership (TCO). Delta offers 4 UPS product families. Product family power topology applications Agilon under 1kVA single phase UPS PC and peripherals, Amplon 1kVA or higher single phase UPS server and network equipment Ultron 15kVA or higher three-phase on-line UPS datacenter and industrial equipment comes into play or higher three-phase 20kVA on-line modular modular UPS. Unit expansion and redundant powersupply can be achieved within a single rack more information about Delta MCIS products can be found at. Media contact: Delta Electronics Europe PR & marketing Carsten Schade Zandsteen 15 NL-2132 MZ Hoofddorp-phone: + 31 (0) 206 550 905, mobile: + 31 61 245 0609 email:

Vitality Lounge

The Fitness Club fit & funny expanded gym in Botnang its comprehensive offering of services relating to beauty and after 6-month construction phase the newly created beauty opened the gym spa on October 28 fit & funny & vital lounge. Thus expands the existing range of first-class training in a way as it is unique in Stuttgart. “We focus only on the best”, says Stephan Forelands, Managing Director and owner of the modern system. “I’m constantly in search of the optimum solutions for the needs of the members. Now we can from the full draw and optimally to achieve the desired physical changes,”added the innovative head. The beautiful Club has always considered innovation leaders for the latest training offers in Stuttgart. This is achieved only by continuous new investments. “We have already invested each year about 100,000 in the past few years” says Forelands, “and now even half a million.” With the construction of the beauty & vitality lounge expanded the existing modern training opportunities through a variety of innovative applications.

The classic beauty supplemented now offers of the beauty and massage vacuum treatments for the treatment of cellulite, varicose veins, and spider veins. A world novelty has been integrated in the nutrition field: a metabolic analysis on DNA base. The personal meta type (metabolism) of MetCheck to determine a DNA analysis. This allows it to match the nutrition and athletic activity on the genetic predisposition. So, perfectly naturally regulates weight and removed more quickly. “All measures to bring great results. You become really effective but, when consistently combined with the movement – a coordinated training to the example on the new power plates “emphasizes Forelands.

The Open House days from 10 am 6 pm can a personal picture of the offers of a time-optimized training and the possibilities of the modern figure contouring is make. The entire fit & funny team already trembles against the opening. Who wants an individual guidance and advice outside the days of the open door, can with an appointment to settle the Club at 0711-698212. Fit & funny in Stuttgart there is more info on the gym in about the gym fit & funny the gym fit & funny is established since 1992 in the Stuttgart district of Botnang and accompanies people of all ages and performance levels to more fitness, health, well-being and joie de vivre. Optimal service and individual, comprehensive care through qualified employees are self-evident. Not only fitness training on modern, partly computerized exercise equipment like the milon circuit, power plate, miha Bodytec, as well as in numerous courses, but also comprehensive health training, for example, when back problems, is in the fit & funny in Stuttgart. Also health insurance-funded rehabilitation sports courses are offered and a Naturopath is located in the House. Many figured and Spa treatments in the beauty & vital lounge, an attractive wellness and sauna area as well as relaxing, holistic Ayurveda round the wide range of gyms fit & funny off. The modular system of tariff offers for all of the appropriate membership and can adapt flexibly to the needs. As a specialist for fitness training, weight loss, beauty concepts and Spa in Stuttgart the gym offers everything needed for an active and healthy life style fit & funny.