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I do not want to be egoistic, but we go to speak of me, or better, it is looked in the mirror and it thinks on you yourselves. It is looked at and it seen the person wonderful who you are. It is not really egoism, calls respect, autoconfiana, proper love. For that already it was past, for the piece millions that mine and its heart if had broken many times. It perceives that to each action it generates a reaction.

When respect is donated, receives love. When indifference is donated generates disdain. When illusion is created if it gains disappointment. I believe truily that never if it must create a great expectation in a relationship. The things must appear to devagar, compassadamente.

To create illusions takes precipitated you what all the people call loving disillusionment. does not advance you for the guilt in the men, the women, the friends, the family, the master or its brother and sister. The guilt of the disillusionment is only its, why it was left to involve demasiadamente and precipitadamente in a passion in few days. It uses to advantage what we assign of inesquecveis moments. At these moments you dedicate yourself to receive love, affection, abraos, attention to say to the things more funny insane people and who can exist. Why, however, one does not know what she will happen in tomorrow, another person can not look at more pra you. If you to wait a phone call and not to bind, even so you you know to you that she had possibility of this to happen, you give up, and she does not think more, she believes, you will not have future in this relation. If he looks at, he thinks about you, he sees each moment of its most beautiful life as, since the form as its friends laugh at you, until the form as the things fall in the soil. He always smiles and he says: ' ' I? I do not have nothing to see with this! ' '. It looks at for the first thing that will be in its front now and sees what it has of funny: You are with the hand supported in the chin! You are eating! She is in house and its mother complaining with you! You are in the work and its head taking off you the patience or supporting in what she makes! Therefore he is, you it can it is making any thing, it smiles and it thinks that if the life is full of problems, then laughs at its problems, after all means that you are alive. Then you leave to suffer for a mere loving illusion, and go to be happy, think more about you, of all the forms you are pretty or pretty, she believes you you are much more of what she can imagine.

Information Doctor

The majority of the falls presented for the aged ones results of a complex interaction between these factors, compromising the involved systems with the maintenance of the balance. (FABRICIO, 2004) As Gamma (2008), the fall is a common event for great part of the aged people and can have disastrous consequncias. In Brazil, according to data of the System of Information Doctor/Health department, enters the years of 1.979 and 1.995, about 54.730 people had died due the falls, being that more than the halves of these people (52%), they were aged and 39.8% presented age between 80 years and 89 years. In Brazil, it enters the years of 1.984 and 1.994, it grew the participation of the falls in proportional mortality for external causes, on 3% for 4,5%. 2,2 Factors of risk the stability of the body depends on the adequate reception of information of sensorial, cognitivos components, integrativos central offices (mainly cerebellum) and musculoesquelticos, of form highly integrated. Get more background information with materials from cancer research. The cumulative effect of related alterations the age, illnesses and inadequate environment seem to premake use to the fall. The factors related with the age are diverse that contribute for the instability and falls. Many falls ‘ ‘ acidentais’ ‘ they are caused by one or the combination of these factors interacting with the ambient perigo .

The reduction of the mass enters its factors of risk appears clearly definite ssea associated with osteoporose and the repetition falls, with traumas of low impact. Others many factors are cited in studies for raising the risk of falls, amongst them, the diverse ingesta of alcohol, coffee, tobacco, frmacos, psicotrpicos medicines, the presence of sensorial or cognitivas alterations. The breaking of antebrao costuma to produce for falls with the extended hand, in dorsal flexo. It represents the sixth cause of breakings in medical services of urgency. The pelvic breakings almost always have a fall antecedent.

Autistic Symptoms

Thus becoming the philosophy of queen of sciences to that it presents clear symptoms of autism or serious psychotic riot. What we do not want. As I am not of the opinion nor of the generation that wants to be known as closed the dialogues and the form established in the memorandum of understanding of education and ticket of philosophy I act as a lawyer vehemently that the philosophy can have its necessity and still serve for something since that either convicta of that needs and for yesterday of if adjusting what is said today and using of its past to compose the gift and to think the future as make all other sciences in innumerable areas of knowing. Not of more sacralizar philosophers to keep unbroken its descontextualizadas teses and nor more to want purismo of speech. We have that forming in them and entering in the ingredient of the great cake that is the understanding of our reality giving not only palpites, but considering ways and plans that pass of a retoricidade for a good and aprazvel rhetoric, in more direct words, we have and we can be more active. Without this transformation, without this dolorida kafkiana metamorphosis (the approach with literature is an excellent way) we will be, of a time for all, descompensada and disarmed species for the world, in harder words: parts not so attractive of museum. It does not advance to give a F5 in the philosophy as it was, therefore the philosophy as before it has its days already all counted ones and our way is if to adapt as Arnaldo would say Antunes at inspired moment, who knows for the proper sensation that the philosophy, for what it represented and already made still can give some contribution, but since that she is new, what it has been seen for there since spring in Arabia until Brazil where a left each day more is accused with right. what we will say the respect? We will repeat Maquiavel or elaborate speeches that are without pretension to understand the reality all, but the multiple contexts surround that it? Now choice question is alone and I twist very so that philosophy does not turn a fossil stranger forgotten as lost link some age human being I twist very exactly! Eustquio Jose.

Creativity Person

The high levels of productivity only can occur when the capacity above average interacts with other factors, such as the comprometimento with the task and the creativity. They are these factors that allow that the pupils create products of bonanza quality (RENZULLI, 2004). The stimulaton and the chance are primordial so that the individual with high abilities can develop its potentialities at the same time where it favors the identification of others with potential for raised productivity, exactly that the principle are not identified as superendowed. 1. 2 Comprometimento with the task In this aspect the adept person discloses great motivation and dedicates much energy in the work that develops.

It presents persistence, much devotion, autoconfiana and deslumbramento with what it carries through. The individual that presents this characteristic in general is sufficiently enthusiastic and always develops great expectations in what it intends to reach in the performance of its activities, revealing made use to recommence to become reality its intention. 1. 3 Creativity the creativity if distinguishes for the capacity of the person from being original in its ideas, to have flexibility and opening the new experiences, presenting, , perception generally sharpened the details and divergent thought of excessively when the subject demands reflection. The routine for who presents this characteristic is entediante and provides to distraction and desmotiva it for the activity that not to consider interesting. It is very common that the creative person has raised curiosity and is always searching new challenges, while the risks that run in the development of an activity are stimulants for concretion of the same one.

These characteristics pointed for Renzulli do not differ from other authors, even so some consider the precocidade, the assincronismo (affective-intellectual, intellectual-psicomotor, of the language and the reasoning, pertaining to school-social and familiar), taste for the reading, leadership etc. as indications of high abilities/superendowment. The identification of people with high abilities/superendowment has been carried through not with the intention of ' ' rotular' ' these individuals, to form a group of the elite, among others ranks that are made in this direction, that normally comes imbricada for innumerable myths.