The Ark Of The Covenant – The Eternal Search For The Blessed Sacrament

The current book \”the sign of the Allerheiligstens. Looking for the Ark of the Covenant\”by Peter W.F f. Heller debunks fantasies you played an important role in many more or less successful, sensational fantastic cinema blockbusters. Powerful beam of light shows and dead falling over on the spot evil contemporaries often accompanied their modern opening: there is talk of the universally sought Ark of the Covenant. While the biblical thing has become probably Earth, because much more than a coffin for a few important things will be all traditions despite them. Peter W. F.

Heller, archaeologist of his character, one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the search takes up all his life, embarks on the track of the Blessed Sacrament. And he comes well very close to how it actually could have taken place. Brighter notes that it probably even at that time must have been the Spielberg, Lucas and Harrison Ford. Directors, scriptwriters and actors who wanted to go down as a legend in the future and this truly also managed. Because Similarly, as in the formation of the New Testament, authors at work, that hoped-for immortality themselves, their time and their environment were also in the analysis of early Jewish history and not always completely enjoy fairy tales and stories spread, the small size, divine and decorated wooden boxes miraculously made mortal. They however do not reckon wanted that there might be a few thousand years later right treasure hunters who discover all the implausibilities and then phrases based on archaeological finds, various remarks and in the refurbishment of the Holy Scriptures. Heller does away with the fantasy and noted, many biblical times do not fit quite simply to the findings. The Ark of the Covenant appears always in the old testament in connection with the establishment of the Jewish State, but later she disappeared and thus provides ample material for the script writers of a film industry itself to fantasies each other which exceed.