The Being

In these directions, as much the being of the being who has the placed eyes ' ' in-workmanship-of-verdade' ' , how much the proper poetess, is presences that if understand in a inominvel originary meeting, that came to be poetry for the mortal character of proper the meeting-of-presence-mortals. research. Life, that the poetess receives in the meeting of the presence that if desvela in the look is in the property of enlace-if-with in the inefvel movement of the being, and therefore, the mortality of the poetess, that consists of a delivery of itself, happens in grafar and to publish the poem, that brings to the light its originary meeting with the presence of You, for who of its life. How much to the sphere of the language, express in ' ' Yours olhos' ' , she brings to the light the poetess: ' ' Yours eyes are the inspiration of awkward poetess who has as much to say, /Por in do not know more to choose and to write the words to exaltar these eyes, /Pois the words are Minsculas and Insignificantes, /Perto of this yours olhar' '. In these verses, in-apprehension of the language about the originary meeting, and the disparity between &#039 are elucidated; ' be-happening-a' ' before the act to think the meeting that died and, posterior, it convokes it in the poetical nomination, that is different of thinking. Therefore: ' ' The language is the house of the being.

In this habitation of the being deferred payment the man. The thinkers and the poets are the guards of this habitation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Professor Roy Taylor. The guard that exerts is to consummate the manifestation of the being, in the measure where they take it to the language and in it conservam' ' (HEIDEGGER, 1998, p.31). Of certain, the words are inferior the reality of meeting-happening. The words in ' ' Yours olhos' ' they do not deplete the originary meeting, therefore in the poetical metaphor this comes to the light of the language, this the bush, in meanwhile for the poetical impreciso, of the metaphor with its penumbra, the originary meeting is always: living creature, furniture and adveniente; the meeting sung in the poetry exceeds the poetry.