The Embryo

1,2 BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF the ADOLESCENCE As argued in the topic above, the adolescence is, in general way, sight as the moment where if of the one reacelerao of the growth, from there the use of the adolescent word, that comes from the term to adolescer, that it means to grow, to develop itself. This reacelerar of the speed of the growth, only compared with the development of the embryo during the gestation, in accordance with Almeida (2003), happens enters the 10 16 years. In the girls between the 10 and 14 years, being, in rule, the reached maximum speed to the 12 years; in the boys, it enters the 11 and 16 years, being, in rule, the reached maximum speed to the 15 years. Read more here: Bipolar disorder. Later the growth it decelerates, to stop, in the girls for return of the 19 years and in the youngsters for return of the 21 years. However, the proper physical alterations of the adolescence and puberty succeed all, with a rigorous order, therefore the variety inhabits more in the ages of start and conclusion of the process that in the sequncia of its proper phenomena (ALMEIDA, 2003).

Of the physical or biological point of view, the adolescence encloses the phase of anatomical and physiological modifications that transform the child into adult. Blood test may help you with your research. The term puberty is used to assign process of the biological, inserted maturation all in the period of the adolescence (COLLI, apud HOFFMAN and ZAMPIERI, 2009). Hoffman and Zampieri (2009), comment that the adolescence and the puberty ' ' they are two periods where the sexuality emerge' '. Whaley and Wong (1999 apud HOFFMAN and ZAMPIERI, 2009) consider the puberty the period where changes occur biological, becoming the individual apt to the procreation, and the adolescence the phase in which happens social and psychological changes, covering since the puberty to the adult age. Silva and Chinaglia (2000) detach that the physical and psicossociais modifications are dramatical that occur in the period of the adolescence.