Three Year Old Son

The only minor was accompanied home by his 13-year-old brother. The two children are in charge of the community of Madrid, and the baby is in good health. The national police has arrested this afternoon to a marriage of Chinese nationality by leaving her three year old son alone on a balcony of the number 23 of the calle Fuencarral in Madrid, with the only presence in the home of another son of thirteen years. Sources of the Superior Chief of police in Madrid have confirmed that detainees have been transferred to the downtown police station, while the community of Madrid has taken care of the two children. It has been a vigilant security of a clothing store next to the domicile who has warned of the situation to the police, around 16: 30 hours. As he explained the watchman, the child of three years wore awhile only crying on a balcony on the second floor, so it has decided to notify the security forces. The smallest has been transferred by ambulance from the SAMUR hospital Nino Jesus for ask a doctor, although apparently study did not show any health problems. Source of the news: A marriage, arrested for leaving only on a balcony to his three year old son. .