Two-week Tour Of Mongolia: Ulan Bator And Khovsgol Lake

Lake Khovsgol is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mongolia. If you fly in the Mongolia, to arrive in the capital Ulan Bator. From there, you can control various rewarding day trip destination or take multi-day tours across the country. In the Mongolia, a trip with the SUV over the land is always an adventure. Finally the Mongolia is the most and least densely populated country in the world – with only a few paved roads, 4.5 times the size of Germany but with only 2.7 million inhabitants, which most as nomads on the steppes live. To read more click here: Jane C Figueiredo. Lake Khovsgol is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mongolia.

It lies some day trips, Northwest of the capital Ulan Bator and is easily accessible in the framework of a two-week tour. A lot of milestones and detour, with worthwhile attractions are along the way. In the Khustai Nuruu National Park, Przewalski’s wild horses are to see – an absolute must for horse fans. In the Bayangobi region, you can enjoy typical Mongolian landscape elements: Sand dunes, hills, forests, rivers and lakes. Should be abandoned definitely monastery in the former capital of the Mongol Empire, Karakorum, visiting the Erdene Zuu. The Mongolia has to offer, such as the hot springs of Tsenkher many medicinal springs. In the Khorgo National Park you can a volcano up close look, the Khorgo-Terkhiin. Particularly worth seeing are the Tsagaan Nuur and of course the Khovsgol Nuur.

There are always many opportunities to visit nomadic families and to undertake small horse riding on horses, camels, yaks, or reindeer. A tour that includes all of the above places, takes about two weeks. In the capital of Ulan Bator, even there are of course lots of see, how about the Gandan Tegchilen monastery or the Choijin Lama monastery. Also, the summer palace of the last BOGDO-Khaan and concerts of the Mongolian State ensembles are real highlights. So you should take some time for Ulan Bator. To organize tours around the Mongolia itself is not entirely easy, especially if you travel for the first time in the Mongolia. Meanwhile, there are lots of providers who organise such tours for individuals, small and large groups. Mongol tour among the recommended tour providers. Daniel Huber