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President of the United States Barak Obama recently received a country in crisis in all its aspects. where of course, dominates the economic, which has led to a global financial earthquake, affecting many countries in order to face trachea have sought ways of how to integrate, to help you at a cost often high as what is happening in Latin America with the Andean Community of Nations trachea to Peru, Colombia have appealed to the European Economic Union, seeking new bilateral agreements, a fact not see it too well the other countries of the CAN to the United States faces in the present serious problems as pointed out by the Wharton management professors John Paul MacDuffie and Larry Hrebiniak, a trachea given the big three U.S. automakers do not seem to enjoy A moment of respite. The demand for off-road car, so profitable and so clean, virtually disappeared as a result of record levels reached by the price oil this summer. Now the global financial crisis is keeping consumers away from showrooms and limiting access of producers to credit. General Motors and Chrysler a “currently negotiating a possible merger,” are falling slowly out of money and have requested a low interest government loan of 25,000 million whose goal is to help American auto companies to meet new standards of efficiency in fuel consumption. According to Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta, who has experience with these questions. Meanwhile, Kirk Kerkorian sold its stake of 1.000 million dollars in Ford. The financial crisis is hurting automakers around the world.