Cleaning And Lubricating Motorcycle Chains

Lubricant for the chain is usually a difficult question, about the same series, the choice of oil or tires. Everyone has a favorite, and a lot of myths Tuev, preferences, habits, or just hide under a veil of truth. Further details can be found at Vadim Belyaev, an internet resource. Until there is no scientific evidence that a lubricant for longer stays, works better, or reduce friction better than others, we rely on your feelings rather than facts. Owners of motorcycles with hob has its own problems. The fact that PTO does not have to serve have come only from BMW R1200GS. Most universal joints require periodic maintenance, of course, is not such a frequent, as for the chain, but to examining the PTO 6:00, instead of sometimes spend 20 minutes on washing and lubrication of the chain, not very fit in with my notion of happiness (though, it's an amateur;)).

Belt drive, it seems the release – the belt is simple, easy, quiet and clean. But, nevertheless, the manufacturers of motorcycles, for some reason, not willing to put it on the bike. So, what treatments chain will be relevant for a long time. Already very much has been written on this subject and I will not be repeated, except that I recall that the chain should be lubricated and cleaned about every 320 kilometers. Since the replacement of the chain not an easy job, and not the cheapest, then you should try to keep it clean and lubricated to prolong her life as much as possible. Yes, do not forget that the correct tension chain also plays an important role in the duration of its life.

Summer Club Offensive

Summer in the guise of dance summer Club suitable offensive 2009 not only for the dance and club scene, presents Lovetraxx records, a record label from Luneburg, on the compilation summer Club offensive 2009 “its best titles in the fields of dance, trance and House. “Listen are you include Nick Nolan on this sampler with his song where now”, which is in particular due to the combination of dreamy vocals and Groovy Houserhythmen or also the most booked Lovetraxx remixer Lovesequenzer his HandsUp number of high & higher “. “Another bonus on the summer Club offensive 2009″ are the two vocal, trance songs wings of love”and shining star” of cosmic dancer, which hereby of his earlier successes with his first eponymous production cosmic dancer “is, for the first time in 1997 when the label epic (Sony Music) was released. Newer projects can contend on this sampler, as for example Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls with their dance title Viva la Revolucion”, He combines reminiscent of the heyday of the 1990s technos, simple but powerful melodies and dry bass with startling vocals. The title of the compilation summer Club offensive 2009 “are now complete or even single, available as MP3 download in all relevant music portals worldwide, such as Musicload, Weltbild Verlag, Apple iTunes, 7Digital, Saturn and More information is available at or at Track listing: 01.) Let BBs get loud Basscrusher (radio edit) (03:57) 02) Where are you now Nick Nolan (radio version) (03:25) 03) Viva la Revolucion Tristan Lauren DJT & the Revolucion girls (XXS radio edit) (03:28) 04) High & higher Lovesequenzer (radio edit) (04:08) 05) A light in the dark Sienna feat. Viviane (radio edit) (02:51) 06) Drop the bass Basscrusher (radio edit) (03:34) 07) Falling in love Lovetraxx LTD.

(Radio edit) (03:32) 08) Di di di disco ball (airplay version) (03:24) 09) Just a dream Moonraver reloaded (radio version) (03:36) 10) Lord of the clubs Lord of the Club (radio edit) (04:28) 11) My heart beats like A drum Aqua Nova (radio edit) (04:08) 12) Shining star cosmic dancer (single edit) (04:52) 13.) Purple rain umbrella INC. (Radio edit) (03:04) 14) Silence stealth mode (radio version) (05:15) 15) Your vibe Jakouzi (Lovesequenzer radio edit) (03:32) 16) The journey to the Moon Moonraver reloaded (radio version) (03:47) 17) Wings of love cosmic dancer (radio edit) (03:39) 18) With US – rotary control (03:58) company portrait: a record label specialized in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg is Lovetraxx records. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as Kontor records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes pop- and rock out. The label Rocktraxx records (rock/metal), Poptraxx (pop/black), as well as the service label Musicservice24 (Miscellaneous) are connected. The company founded in 1994 has now more than 500 CDs and download titles released, many of them with national and international impact of the Charter. Press contact: Lovetraxx records – Germany main street 31 21371 Tosterglope phone: 05853 / 980077 fax: 05853 / 1816 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Stefan salvation phone: 05853 / 980077 E-Mail:

GFX Artists

Intuitive arts community with contests, artist profiles, browse, review functions, comments u.v.m. is a new community for artists of all kinds. Since the beginning of the year to interested intuitively browse through the works of various artists, even a profile create, works review and comment and participate in competitions. Goal of is to create a friendly community for artists, where the user progress from and with each other. As art here refers to everything from 3D art, GFX, and image manipulation of photography to painting and drawing. No matter what you get artistically on a picture you can view on the page. The functions are starting in March 2008 more and more advanced, naturally also with the ideas and suggestions of the users.

Thus, is not only already a great platform for artists and art enthusiasts, but makes users also say law and place for your own ideas. Were are many clever details and just also an elaborate field of competition. Here you can win at the time still no materialist, but also in planning. The topics of the regularly held contests are proposed by the artists themselves and allow both kinds of art-only or cross competitions. It will be worth so anyway often to take a look at the growing and evolving community.