Diets On Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are as important as the protein, is an important power plant and also they serve to maintain in good state the thin musculatura and to improve the digestion. The positive of carbohydrates is that it transforms them to the organism into sugar, and produce the energy, clear that some of them become excess of glucose with much rapidity and many calories. It is good for learning to identify a priori verifying them his index and loads glucmicos What is the glucmico index? It is a system of classification of the carbohydrates that measures the speed which these become glucose in their body. High the glucmicos indices are transformed very quickly into sugar harming to their body. The foods carbohydrates of low glucmico index go gradually becoming sugar supporting the chemical equilibrium of their body. These last ones are preferable to those of higher indices. You find them in; apples, peach trees, kiwis, cherries, oranges, plums, brcoli, celery, cauliflower, lettuces, spinach, tomatos, Italian pumpkins and lentils, among others. Those of high glucmico index are in; betabel, bananas, Popes, rice, carrots, cereals, you graze, refined sugar, tortillas, bread, granola. Those of average index that are also them, find in the melon cntaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, oats, kidney bean, sweet potato, bread of toots. You comma only healthful carbohydrates in its program!

Gym Regulars

I am a regular visitor of the gymnasium and the tracks of athletics. I go to the gymnasium day by means by at least one hour. But before it was not thus. Although I always liked the physical activity and the sport were quite irregular to do it. It took to several attempts and months to me to form the habit to me to make exercise regularly.

But there is something I learned on my attempts bankrupts is that if you want that a habit remains, this one must be made on a daily basis. Perhaps the first times that are to make of the exercise a habit not it obtains it. You try to make exercise three or four times to the week but it does not seem to work. Perhaps but the problem is not of will force to change and to turn it into the habit. Much people have the sufficient will to stay during the first weeks when it is really necessary. Then the problem can be in the value that we give him to that we tried to turn into habit and we reinforced how it to put it in autopilot the consistency is key If ejercitarte is a task, an obligation, probably the habit is not sufficiently consistent. We are not robots that we executed every day of identical way, and you can begin with the great parts that reduce the consistency like making exercise to the week twice for example. But to happen of a weekly certainty to a daily one can turn that task into something consistent. Even if you do not exercise yourself every day to the same hour, the idea of daily exercise will take force and a day without exercise it will not seem to you a complete day. Daily gradual changes There are many things that to me that seems he is better with radical changes, but others definitively that must be made gradually.