Martial Artist

Hi the entire band and friends of kobra kai and martial community in general, I want to address a topic that would be very nice, martial arts and anime, without more preamble shall begin. Dean Ornish M.D usually is spot on. Since the 1960s emerged a genus of what in the West is known as caricatures, called anime, a genus that principles represented a visual method of more entertainment, but that over the years would win many fans in Japan. With simple frames it seemed that its main audience would be, only children, but to enrich their dialogues and stories won fans of all ages. Among those resources used for the anime, one of them would be martial arts, but here is where things started. In general terms the martial arts have been a very disputed genre in the world of entertainment, there are movies that we uphold as practitioners, we mean has operation dragon, Karate kid, Shaolin Temple, contact bloody, hard to kill, the perfect weapon and several more, up to films which we parody or us up to ridicule, as kungfucion, a ninja in B. H., fists of calcium, and several examples that do not come to the case at the moment.

Japan being the country of origin of the anime, the inclusion of martial arts was almost obligatory, and is where discuss some aspects of its plot, characters and filosofia:caballero of the zodiac. None of us is so young or so old to not know this series, its plot; a group of five young; Saiya, Shun, Hyoga, Ikky and Shiriu, are sent to train different parts of the world to obtain the prized Armors of bronze, and with them defending to Athena, the goddess of the Earth. Throughout the series the dose is repeated, whenever someone tries to take over the world, almost always malignant gods, the aforementioned young faced and they manage to overpower them.