You Know Fashion Vegetarian

A couple of years, the actress gave the news that their way of life focused 100% on the vegetarian, but that not only was in his diet, but also in their tastes in fashion. Vegetarian fashion? Accurate, believe it or not, Portman took his fanaticism to this area and in 2008 decided to collaborate with the firm Te Casan, for bringing to market a line of eco-friendly shoes. But are not likely to think that they are made with fruits and vegatables, but for its creation they did not use any type of animal skin. In addition, 100% of their sales is intended for environmental organizations and defence of animal rights as The Nature Conservancy. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ALS Association. As a vegetarian, it is difficult to design encontrarzapatos made with alternative materials Portman told the media.

Ecological Natalie Portman shoes line are for sale in the boutique Tecasan, around 20 models made in ecological materials and whose prices range between $200 and $300. Some brands that have wanted Portman to figure as the image of some of their campaigns have already had this information present. Such was the case of the firm Christian Dior, who made a special shoe that actress so look in the promotional new perfume, Miss Dior Cherie. As reported by the website, shoes that used the famous for advertising were not made-up skin one of the things that have been well is that Dior did all these shoes for my without using animals or skin, because I don’t use anything from skin recast all my shoes so I use Dior shoes without lives of by meanssaid the famous to some media..